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Let’s manage Search Engine Intelligence

If you want to take a more significant portion of the traffic than your competitor, you must keep a close eye on them. This practice called “Search Engine intelligence.” At a technical level, you required to be aware when competitors are making changes to improve the quality of overall site experience. We will work on SEI to outwit your competitor and take advantages of points they overlooked.

As competitor succeeds in ranking for any targeted keyword, your relative edge over them will be diminished. Having even single competitor close to the gap can hurt your keyword ranking and the overall position of the site. Therefore MDHOV makes sure that you are always aware of your competitor changes and direction.

Traffic source

Paying attention to competitors “source of traffic” effort can pay off strategically as well. Because right competitor tests new traffic accruing strategies before public launch. We notify you in advance of these changes to avail maximum benefits.

Research for right strategic decision

The benefit of monitoring competitors is that it allows you to chose up to date strategy. We research your competitor digital marketing model and keep a close eye on the competitors for a while to reveal their online strategy. We explore market size, latest trends, significant industry statistics, analysis of the market, distribution channels, Opportunities, and associated risks.

What do you want to know?

One of the best use of our competitor analysis, we provide subject to package you chose backlinks, site anchors, organic keywords list, top referring content, top pages by visit, main competing domains, content gap between sites, major competing pages by links & by links growth, high performing content, linked domains, outgoing links, broken links, paid search model, Pay-Per-Click keywords, Ads content, best landing pages.

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How we achieve a thorough analysis

Conducting SWOT Analysis

This is the starting point; an initial thorough analysis of every aspect of their business including the clientele and following.

Analyzing their social media strategies

Social media is a big part of marketing now. And the best way to gauge audience response is to see what others in the field are doing

Evaluating their marketing efforts

To fully grasp market trends, and the dos and donts to guide you in designing your own strategy, evaluation of the competition is key

Utilizing the best tools to do all this

We use the best tools and software around to get quantifiable results so that a solid marketing strategy can be planned and implemented

Competitor Analysis Services

Our Packages

If you want to get into the game and are looking to analyze the market you’re stepping into, pick a plan and we can tell you what you’re up against.

basic plan

2 Competitor Analysis
Basic Research

  • Analysis of competitor rankings upto 50 keywords
  • Demographics Research
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standard plan

4 Competitor Analysis
Basic Research

  • Analysis of competitor rankings upto 100 keywords
  • Demographics Research
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deluxe plan

6 Competitor Analysis
Research with Premium Tools

  • Analysis of competitor rankings upto 150 keywords
  • Basic Social Media Analysis
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premium plan

10 Competitor Analysis
Research with Premium Tools

  • Analysis of competitor rankings upto 300 keywords
  • Full Social Media Analysis
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The areas our services cover include:

  • PR Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Statistics
  • Backlinks
  • Distribution Channels
  • Industry Pricing
  • Market Drivers
  • Marketing strategies
  • List of major competitors
  • Challenges
  • Services
  • Prospects
  • Market size

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