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How to select keyword
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Manually research your low competition keywords

Always keep your eyes on the competition. If they are smart, they are keeping their eyes on you, as well. Watch how your competitor rank for specific keywords, watch what they are doing to try to beat you in the ranking, and always look for places where you have an advantage. Keyword ranking is a zero-sum game: only one No.1 spot exists.

We will make sure that you start pursuing low competition keywords. After we choose a keyword manually, we test it by using all significant tools. Luckily, our keyword service designed just for search engine optimization and provide an at-a-glance report showing keyword demand, competition, and quality.

Picking Great keyword

If we use only one rule for keyword research, its this: Find the opportunity gaps. No keyword is 100 percent relevant. If more than half of the long-tail phrases using that word are relevant to your business, though, you probably have a winner.

Looking for opportunity

We find, what keyword or phrases drive quality traffic right now, but could still drive more in future? It is easier to go from 11th position to 7th than it is to go from number 90 to number 1. So, my site owners try to rank for the toughest terms first.

If you want to rank #1 for a particular keyword, you might manage it someday. But let us give you terms that might generate more sales and traffic for you in the meanwhile

Comparing competition and search volume

We always find balance competition against search volume. Some terms might be so relevant and offer so many potential visitors that any level of competition is worth. The phrases “Wedding dresses” get over 1 million searches per month. It’s one of the most competitive phrases on the internet. Other keywords might offer only a little traffic and thus, very little competition.

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What do we mean by a keyword service, you ask?

Keeping track of changing times

Language is an ever-changing phenomenon and it can make all the difference. Knowing the audience means knowing how they speak.

Best practices for keyword use

We don’t want to overdo the keyword and make it all too obvious and off-putting. We only want to use the amount we need for SEO.

Scouting out the competition

It’s important to know what you’re competing with. In what ways are others selling their services? What kind of language are they using?

Design ideas that allow seamless keyword use

Tasteless promotion and employment of a word or phrase can make all the difference between good and bad advertising. We do it seamlessly.

Keyword Research Services

Our Packages

Increasing visibility is the first step of digital marketing and with our help you can ace it with the right keywords. Have a look at our plans and let’s get to work.

basic plan

Keyword analysis
100 keywords

  • Focused keywords
  • Market Analysis
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standard plan

Keyword analysis
200 keywords

  • Focused keywords
  • Market Analysis
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deluxe plan

Keyword analysis
400 keywords

  • Standard + LSI keywords
  • Backlink Analysis
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premium plan

Keyword analysis
750 keywords

  • Deluxe + Ongoing follow ups
  • Thorough Consultation
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Our areas of expertise:

  • Long tail keywords
  • Short tail keywords
  • Low competitive keywords
  • Market analysis
  • Buyer intent keywords
  • Audit
  • Keyword inventory evaluation
  • Product defining keywords
  • Searchable keywords
  • Keywords for organic traffic
  • Best ranked keywords
  • Latent Semantic Indexing
  • Intent targeting

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