Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

The use of MDHOV’s website and all interaction with our services is subject to acceptance of terms and conditions. By agreeing to use this website users are accepting the general conditions and privacy terms listed on this page. Rules, policies and practices might change or be modified without prior notice. Any modification or editing will be outlined on this page.

In case of violation of the terms and conditions, MDHOV reserves the right to withhold services or terminate any prior agreements with a client or user of the website.

Privacy Policy

Through the use of cookies MDHOV collects statistical data to improve user experience. This data is taken from server logs. Collected user’s data may comprise of user’s IP address, browser version, details of the operating system on device being used, along with the visit record. Visit record will contain time and date of visit, pages visited, interaction pattern and time etc. This information is collected anonymously so that the user is not identifiable based on this. As stated before, the purpose is to improve the performance of the website and to provide a better browsing experience to our users.

By agreeing to use the MDHOV website the user is agreeing to the use of cookies. Cookie usage is a very common practice on the web today for a more seamless and smooth surfing experience. If a user prevents cookie usage, their access to some parts of the website might be denied.

GDPR Policy

We would like to make clear that no sensitive information about any user of the website is collected without permission. At MDHOV we are committed to protecting our users’ data and personal information. Any information that is collected is to improve the user experience, to process goods and services bought from MDHOV, and for administrative purposes.

We do not share information collected on this website with third parties, unless required by the law. Any time your information is shared, you will be asked explicitly.

Users may receive emails on special offers and promotions, but they need to opt in to receive those emails and may opt out any time they wish to.

Data Collection

Data is collected when a user interacts with the website or speaks to a representative at MDHOV. Data may be collected over the phone, over email, or, as stated before, anonymously through cookies when a user visits the website.

User data is kept securely and only relevant personnel have access to it.

Data Retention

Data collected for the purpose of processing of an exchange of goods and services will be stored for 7 years. If an inquiry about a service or product has been made by a user, data provided by them will be stored for 1 year. This is just so we can provide the user a more hands on experience when they are interested in procuring a service that we offer. After the given time period has elapsed, the data will be securely removed from the systems and destroyed.

At MDHOV we are committed to a safe and secure experience for our users and clients. To achieve this we make sure that we are transparent about our data collection methods, data usage, and retention. Any changes to our policies will be outlined on this page.

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