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Building the
Right Localized Strategy

E-Reputation and Lead Generation

The keys to getting a solid localized strategy that fits right into the market are strategizing for a good E-reputation and lead generation. A good strategy in these two areas can truly make a difference because they will be your first steps into the market; to get potential prospects’ attention, you will need to generate leads. And a good way of doing that is through having a sturdy E-Reputation. We can help you with both.

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SEO Baidu
So that investors can find you

You are in a new place, make it easier for people to find you

Our Baidu SEO services can make this part of the acclimatization process fairly simple. Selling real estate means you want serious investors. And so you will need those serious buyers to be able to see you when they come looking. This is where we come in. Baidu is a little tricky for western SEOs because what works for Google doesn’t necessarily have the same impact on Baidu. Our team sees to it that our clients’ SEO needs are met.

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China Optimized Marketing Strategies
PR, Contact Form Ads and much more

PR and E-Reputation in China is everything

Contact form ads are the ones which come with a little form for people to fill out if they’re interested in what they see in the advertisement. This is a good local tactic in China for lead generation. With this and many others securing leads should not be that big a problem. The most important thing in marketing in China is E-Reputation and PR. Our expert strategists can guide you through each of these daunting steps.

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How we can help with selling real estate in China

E-Commerce Development and Management

Any E-commerce support you need, we are the people to do it. With a team of developers who are well acclimated to SEO in China, we can get your website going.

Use of platforms such as Weibo and Wechat

In order to get people’s attention, you have to be where they are. These platforms and others are an important part of digital marketing and getting leads in China.

Online Prospect Building and Lead Generation

Online lead generation can be tough in an environment where you are not fully sure of the user behaviors. Our understanding of the market can help you.

Real Estate Market Research and Analysis

Before entering any market, any wise businessman will prepare. We can assist you in this preparation with our research and understanding of the market.

Our Real Estate Services

Our Packages

To suit everyone’s needs, we have designed some plans. Have a look and pick the one you like and let’s start working on getting your real estate business to China!

basic plan

Baidu SEO Audit
Lead Generation Suggestions

  • E-reputation strategy consultation
  • PR consultation
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standard plan

Baidu SEO Audit
Online Lead Generation

  • E-commerce platform audit
  • Marketing suggestions
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deluxe plan

Simple E-commerce Platform
Online Lead Generation

  • E-commerce platform management
  • Localized marketing strategy
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premium plan

Advanced E-commerce Platform
Online Lead Generation

  • Deluxe + Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Social media marketing
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Areas our services cover

  • E-commerce platform development
  • E-commerce platform management
  • Online lead generation
  • Building E-reputation
  • PR
  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Localized strategy making
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Contact form ads
  • Baidu SEO
  • Weibo, Wechat

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