Working Smart: Advertisement and Promotion


This article is dedicated to ‘Promotion’ out of the marketing mix.
Let’s jump right in and discuss some of the main steps any business has to take in order to set off a winning promotional campaign.

Campaign Planning and Design

When thinking of a promotional campaign, or traditional or digital media,theme and cohesiveness are very important.

Having a purpose to your campaign, a message behind it, and coherence with your brand personality all shape the way your brand is perceived by your prospects.

A business mainly only interacts with the clients where an exchange of services/products is involved. Therefore, your promotional campaigns are your main chance to convey what your business stands for.

When you sit down to plan a campaign, you should go over the following steps:

⦁ Brainstorm ideas- any events that are coming up (national or international), any current event or issue that is making the rounds, something that is culturally ‘in’ at the time and the like.

⦁ Shortlist which of these ideas are relevant to your business.

⦁ Decide on the one that is most suitable. That is your theme.

⦁ Decide on a budget.

⦁ Decide the media channels you will be employing. Thematic campaigns are most suitable for TV, or social media. Especially if you are using a current event as a theme, planning your social media campaign along those lines will draw more of a response from the audience. On social media this is everything as more engagement will boost your ranking massively.

⦁ Work on the presentation and your approach.

⦁ Depending on the scale of the campaign get others involved. If it’s nothing major then some well-designed ads will do. However, if you are planning on a big seasonal campaign then definitely get the right faces for it. If your budget allows it you can get mainstream public figures, if not, then getting influencers for digital campaigns is a good idea.

Right place, right time: know your target audience

Personalized experience is the main feature of digital marketing that all business owners can benefit from.

The algorithms being employed by the social media platforms follow this approach as well. The aim is to make the most out of an ad campaign.

Social media platforms get paid for hoisting ads and so in order to attract more advertisers they have to give results. These results manifest in the form of traffic to the advertiser’s pages and websites.

The main tools social media platforms use to achieve this growth in traffic are algorithms. These platforms monitor the way people use them and which types of pages they visit and like/share. Based on this the ads that are presented to them are shortlisted. So they show the user more of what they want to see.

Therefore, if you have a limited budget and an online store then making use of these digital platforms is your best chance at getting the most ROI.

PPC Campaigns

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. These are the ads you see on Instagram stories, YouTube videos and on Facebook. The advertiser pays a certain amount to the host (the social media platform) per click. So the more people click the ad, the more money the hosting platform receives from the advertiser.

This might seem like it will be very expensive but the rates are fairly low and manageable. Plus, like we stated earlier, since the host wants to make more money they will do their best to ensure your ads are reaching a strong audience.

This is then the investment that you are making on promotion and advertising and the conversions you get out of them are the returns.

Especially if you are just stepping into the market, using running PPC campaignsis not only a cost-effective option, but also a great way for you to test the water.

Website Optimization

Ads will only bring you the audience. So it is right to expect traffic from ads, but not conversions. Your website or online store or social media page needs to do the rest of the work.

Once you have the prospect’s attention, it is now all a matter of presentation and ease of navigation that can mark the difference between the prospect leaving or converting.

Make sure that your online stores are optimized and the products properly categorized. Make the interface welcoming and the navigation easy.

You can also employ chatbots, or even on duty customer care personnel, on your websites to offer customer service to the prospect.

These are some of the important facets of advertising and promotion every brand and business (big or small) should keep in consideration.

Don’t worry if your methods aren’t yielding results right off the bat. Keep your mind open to the possibility of adjustment and tweaking. As long as you are willing to analyze your performance and learn from it, you will do fine.

  This article is dedicated to ‘Promotion’ out of the marketing mix. Let’s jump right in and discuss some of …

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