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What is the purpose of digital marketing on social media?

Why exactly are companies pouring in millions of dollars into social media marketing? What is the point of using social media platforms for marketing in the first place? Here’s all you need to know about social media marketing and its significance in the industry.

Digital marketing can be defined as marketing performed via electronic devices or the internet. When digital marketing is conducted through social media, it is referred to as social media marketing. There can be a number of reasons why brands would want to market themselves through social media.

 It’s cheap.

Social media marketing, in comparison with other forms of marketing, can be very cheap. TV commercials cost a lot to produce and then air on different channels. Newspapers will charge you a premium based on where you want your ad to be placed.

Posts on social media are typically free. If you want to have ads, websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will charge you an upfront fee based on what size of audience you wish your ad to reach.

This cost is often very low especially if you take into consideration the number of people that will be seeing your ad.

 It’s measurable.

Another feature of social media marketing that differentiates it from other forms of marketing is the fact that social media sites offer tools with which you can check how many people saw your ad, how many people engaged with the ad, and how were the interactions made. This insight can help you see which ads are doing good and which aren’t so that, in the future, you can focus on the things that will make your ad do good rather than fail. This is information that isn’t provided by most of the traditional methods of marketing.

It’s available.

In today’s world, the internet is one of the most used communication channels out there. There are more social media users today than there are TV and newspaper users combined. This means that no matter what type of business you are, it is very likely that your customers will be found on these social media platforms. This means that marketing yourself on these platforms will help you engage with these potential customers. You can use social media to grow your consumer base and improve your brand image.


Why exactly are companies pouring in millions of dollars into social media marketing? What is the point of using social …

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