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The Importance of Regular Social Media Posting

You have a business and an account for it on each social media platform? Is that enough? Surely, not.

Social media marketing is becoming more dynamic and efficient by the day. Having some accounts and posting an ad on them every once in a while does not cut it.

You need to develop authority and to get your prospects interested.

Let’s take a look at what these platforms expect from a business owner.


The Algorithm

Remember that all social media platforms are essentially businesses in themselves.

They want people to keep coming back to them and using them. To further this end, they promote accounts and pages that generate the most reaction from other users.

This is why the algorithm favors posts that are higher in engagement.

There are two ways to measure account activity and its relevance.


How social media platforms rank accounts

  1. How regularly an account posts
  2. How much engagement their posts get

Let’s take a look at the optimum numbers and figures now.


Best practices for posting on different channels

  • On Facebook, the recommended number of posts is 1 per day at least. This means to win Facebook’s favor, a business account should stick to a strictly regular posting schedule.
  • On Twitter, the recommended number of tweets is 15 per day. This is a much higher number than Facebook (15 times higher) but that’s because the nature of postings is different on both these platforms. The amount of work that goes into each post is different too.
  • On Instagram, similar to Facebook, the optimum number of posts is 1 per day.
  • On LinkedIn to it is recommended that a business-post at least once a day.
  • On Pinterest, the recommended number of posts is 11 per day.

You see what the expectations are?


Posting Schedule

Maintaining a posting schedule is, therefore, highly recommended. There are services available (we offer[link to social media service page] a highly competitive one too).

To make sure you do not lag behind, it is better to be prepared in advance and then to automate your postings.

This demands that you keep your content prepared and have a proper schedule prepared following which a regular post will be made.

You don’t have to follow the above mentioned practices exactly but staying the same vicinity would yield the best results.


Measuring Engagement

It is common knowledge that engagement is measured by the amounts of likes and comments a post gets.

What is the exact formula though?


Engagement= (likes + comments)/ followers x 100

 This is how you measure engagement. The best way to increase engagement is to create content for your audience specifically.

If it is very niche, so be it. A lot of times appealing to a focused group does a lot better for brand awareness and interest generation than a more general approach.

Engagement is so important in the present social media climate that it is quickly overtaking the number of followers in importance.

The value that used to be placed on the number of followers has now been replaced by engagement. It means little to the algorithms of how man followers a profile has. The most important thing is how many people seem to enjoy the content that is being posted by that account.

The benefits of engagement are plenty but for a business the most important ones are:

  1. Higher chances of making it to the search page
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Customer-business relationship
  4. Relevance

So if you are interested in any of the above, you might want to start optimizing your social media content and posts.

We can help, if you need us to. Get in touch and let’s come up with a strategy that’s best for you!

You have a business and an account for it on each social media platform? Is that enough? Surely, not. Social …

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