Setting your Business up for Success

Other than production of what you are offering and a plan for your initial months of launching, the one thing that you need to sort is your marketing strategy.

Generating interest can be a challenge if you approach it grudgingly and try to follow in the footsteps of your competitors. Developing your own style and making a strategy (albeit based on research on what has worked for others) can be fun too if you approach it from a creative point of view.

This whole process is in line with what we have discussed before; finding yourself. You can always experiment and adjust as you get feedback, but the foundation of the general direction you are going to take with your brand’s marketing should be laid in the beginning.

Given below are three tips that we hope will help.

1. Solve a problem

This is how you need to approach your audience. State the gap and tell them how you plan to fill it.


There are two reasons why anyone will be willing to invest in your product or service:

⦁ It will add value to their life

⦁ It will solve a problem

Don’t just say what your product does, tell people how it will make their life better. From the get-go this should be your pitch.

2. Use proper channels and the right voice

Every successful brand has an idea about what they want to sound like. In the previous piece we took the example of Wendy’s and the voice they have chosen for their customer service. In the next part of this piece you will find some other examples as well.

When you are making these decisions, keep your target demographic in mind.

Use the voice that suits your clientele and which they will be able to relate to or understand.

Also, there are studies that will show which age group uses which social media platform the most.


For example, Generation Z spends more time on SnapChat whereas older people are more inclined to using Facebook. So exert most of your energies on resources on where you can find most of your target audience.

3. Make the best of the engagement opportunities

The traction that social media generates for any businessis both exciting and intimidating. Especially if you are entering a market that already has some major players, it can feel like there is no room for you. While it is a legitimate business concern, if you are offering more value than your competitors then you absolutely have a chance.


Remember, if social media poses more competition, it also offers more room to engage. Before now marketing approach was different because reactions couldn’t be recorded as such and brands couldn’t connect with the customers to get direct feedback.

It has become so much easier now to give your brand a voice and a personality and to set yourself apart from the rest so use it to your advantage.

You can distinguish yourself even through the conversations you have with prospects, and yes you can have conversations.

For example, provide direct customer service via social media. This not only helps that customer feel heard, but others can see that your company is a cooperative one and they can expect similar cooperation should they ever have a problem as well. On top of all this, this method is very likely to generate more mentions and more people attempting to engage with you boosting your social media rankings and increasing your visibility.

Or build a good rapport for your customer service. A situation in which a mistake has been made on the business’s part is so much more likely to diffuse if the mistake is owned and corrected. A potentially damaging occurrence can be used to score points in the public eye if the company approaches it directly and shows the will to correct.


You can even use social media to get very good suggestions to incorporate into your marketing plan. A good idea can come from anywhere. Being open to them will not only get you something new and interesting to add to your service but also do wonders for your public image. If people feel like they are being heard, they are more likely to participate and in these times of social media and engagement, that’s exactly what you want.


Then there is influencer marketing which has made things more personal. The whole appeal of influencers is that they connect with their audience and are relatable and accessible. This is why brands want to connect with them as well if they think that influencer has the right audience for their product.

So, use their influence to engage.

4. Offer personalized user experience

Studies show that 91% consumers prefer to engage and buy from brands and companies that can personalize their shopping experience for them.

This means remembering what a customer bought and giving them suggestions in the future based on those purchases. All the big social media platforms already do this. There is a reason for that. Personalizing a user’s experience gives you a greater shot at keeping their attention, as they see things that interest them.

People are more likely to stick around if they keep seeing things they like than making the effort to come to you on their own and look for something themselves.


So make sure your websites and backend is equipped with the tools to send them emails or messages that will keep them coming back.

These are some simple steps you can take to make things easier for yourself and give your marketing strategy direction, one that will hopefully lead to success.

Other than production of what you are offering and a plan for your initial months of launching, the one thing …

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