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The Marketing Value in Google Maps

What best describes your business?

Google is structured in such a way that that the search engine result pages (SERP’s) will often display local map listings that are tailored towards the user’s location and the relevant keyword search. If for example a user searches for “Chinese food, New York”, Google takes it upon itself to display geographically relevant results within the local map. We work to ensure that your categories as well as relevant information are bang on, and then we expand upon them to ensure hits.

Main feature

  • Mentioning important local landmarks along with the radius and driving directions for most effective geo-relevancy.
  • The custom radius is multi layered and covers the Business Service Areas.
  • To increase the local relevancy, we use Geo-tagged images.
  • These maps will have different pointers that are pinned on the map from the important locations close to your business, this ensures Geo-relevancy.

The most powerful investments
Build Niche & Local Related Citations

Will They Find Your Business There?

Optimization that is looking towards Google Maps has fast evolved into a very important part of local SEO. If you are on top of the Google Maps listing (both Google Maps Search results and local 3-pack) you have the head start when your business is catering to a local audience. Local maps SEO will effectively drive the local traffic to all kinds of local businesses.

Consequently, the optimization of Google Maps has become one of the most strengthening investments for local SEO marketing objectives. Let us jointly ensure the profitability and long term success of every local SEO objective.

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Why Google Maps
Marketing Is So Important

67% of Smartphone Users Prefer Google Maps

Each day increasing numbers of people are employing the Google Maps app, or even local searches in order to find local businesses for their various needs. This is a dramatic change in user habits that is going unnoticed! On the other hand, local SEO is all about being out there noticeably. If there is prominent and professionally done Google Maps Marketing, your business would stand out on top of the search results. People would choose your local business over others with effective Google Maps Marketing.

Hence let us start on the road to get your local SEO strategy right. The first step is to claim and verify the Google My Business profile. It is an extremely easy and straightforward process that you can complete in very few steps.

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What Map Optimization does for a business

Lets people find you

If anyone looks up a service that’s relevant to you and your brand, our map optimization will help the find your exact location

Helps build map relevancy

With geo tagging and marking important landmarks around your location to increase your relevancy on the local landscape

Increases your Search Engine visibility

Not all map users have their location enabled, this is when Google rankings come into play. We want you to be on the top.

Cater effectively to local clientele

Most business any service can hope to get is from local clients. With location finding getting easier, businesses can use it to their advantage.

Map Optimization Services

Our Packages

Have a look at our plans below to find one that suits you so we can start working on making your location visible to your prospects.

Basic Plan

1 location
Basic Optimization

  • Ranked Google maps results
  • Local maps SEO
  • Basic Support


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Standard Plan

Upto 2 locations
Basic Optimization
Adding Tags

  • Rank Google maps results
  • Local maps SEO
  • Basic Support


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Deluxe Plan

3 locations
Upto 5 Local Point Allocates Submissions

  • Standard + Geo tagged images
  • Local Citations building
  • Adding Tags


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Premium Plan

Upto 5 locations
Upto 10 Reviews
Upto 10 Local Point Allocates Submissions

  • Complete optimization
  • On Site Complete Optimization
  • Adding tags
  • Advance Support


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The areas our optimization service can cover include:

  • Proximity based mapping
  • Ranked Google Maps Results
  • Optimization through landmarks
  • Optimizing photos
  • Increasing local relevance
  • Use of geo-tagged images
  • Optimizing basemap layers
  • Building citations
  • Optimizing brand introduction
  • Local maps SEO
  • Search Engine visibility
  • Optimizing map design
  • Optimizing data layout

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