Launching your Business: Analyze Preparation and Align Motives

This is the calm before the storm; the moment of reflection you need to allow yourself to assess where you stand and if you’re ready.

There are two types of preparation you should be doing to start your very own business.
⦁ Getting the physical business aspects in order
⦁ Mentally preparing yourself to strategize, adapt, and put yourself out there

Let’s take a deeper look at both of these.

Material Preparations

When we say physical, we mean everything material. This preparation includes everything from getting the resources together to finding a working space, getting production done, hiring, setting up a store (real or online) and everything in between.

This is basically every traceable step that you take towards making your business a reality.


The best way to make sure you are as prepared as you need to be is to just simply make a checklist under different categories.

Approaching it from an objective point of view will be more effective as there will be a lesser chance of overlooking things.

Analyzing your preparation in terms of counting all the things you have done will mean that you are looking at it from the inside and are probably only getting to view you preparation in parts, and never as a whole.

To combat this potential limitation you can either ask someone’s help, look for a checklist online, or even use the one given below to have something to start with at least.

Here are some things you should have readied for the launch:

⦁ The product

⦁ Your team

⦁ The visual markers of your brand (name, logo)

⦁ Space to function from (it could just be a home office, but definitely reserve a space to carry out business activities such as meetings, development, any other preparation)

⦁ Store (online or real. Actually even if you have a proper store in your city, the need of the hour is to also have an online one because people are leaning more and more towards online shopping now and you don’t want to miss that market).
⦁ The technology and tools

Mental Preparations
This is actually more important than the physical aspects of starting a business. If you have money and resources but not a solid plan and strategy, all of those resources can easily go to waste.

Mental preparation also means gearing up to brave the storm. The life of an entrepreneur can be quite an isolated one. This isolation can bring on an onslaught of challenges.


Depression, a dwindling sense of self-worth, anxiety, and addictive behaviors and inclinations can all arise from this kind of isolation. The main reason for this is that when someone takes on a big project and with it the responsibility of seeing it through, it is easy to get obsessive.

Especially when other people and their resources get involved, that sense of responsibility and accountability juxtaposed against the initial expectation of being one’s own boss and the supposed perks can be crippling in extreme cases.

To combat all this, maintaining a level of mental balance and trying to remain grounded is a challenge in and of itself.

The second part of our topic for this piece also falls under this category of mental preparation. Aligning motives means that you take some time to remember what you are hoping to get out of this venture.


List all your goals and devise a way to keep reminding yourself of them. This should also help keep your ambition and any subconscious self-sabotaging attitudes in check.

Acknowledgment of these issues is the first step to protecting yourself against them.

Altogether, these are the things that fall under mental preparation:

⦁ Market research

⦁ Advertising strategy

⦁ Brand image

⦁ Customer service approach

⦁ Maintaining self-discipline and balance

Taking a step back and analyzing whether you are ready to take on your big project will put things in perspective for you. In addition to this, it is also a healthy way to deal with understandable and inevitable stress and any overwhelming feelings or emotions.

We hope this helped. The next section revolves completely around your brand’s interaction with the world and the look of it. From pricing to customer care and finding your style, we discuss everything. So if you’re interested, keep reading!

This is the calm before the storm; the moment of reflection you need to allow yourself to assess where you …

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