Is Digital Marketing a viable career choice for you?

Digital marketing is a relatively new field that’s garnering a lot of attention from all sides; those who see opportunity in it and those who are lamenting the old days or who think ‘everyone can do it’.

In this piece, we want to highlight some parts of it so you can see if YOU can do it.

In 2019 any company or brand’s marketing strategy is considered incomplete without a digital part to it. And rightly so. There is an overwhelming amount of people online. Missing out on that opportunity is setting your company way behind your competition.

Supply and demand have a way of meeting in the middle. So when the demand takes a step forward, so does supply.

If you are someone looking to become a part of that supply influx to try your luck at this brand new world, which genuinely does hold a lot of potential, then this is a good place for you to be right now.


We have looked around and done a little bit of research and some digging into our own experiences for you to put together a list of pros and cons. We hope this will help you figure out if digital marketing holds potential for you.

We begin with the pros.

  • There is a lot of room for activities and planning and carrying out those plans.
  • Creating campaigns is not as expensive as with traditional marketing. So one can be innovative.
  • The chance to connect with the customer where they spend a considerable amount of time. The other possible avenues of advertisement are TV, newspapers, billboards etc. Apart from billboards the rest are losing their place in our day to day lives to some extent. Most people watch TV shows online now and get their news either from push notifications or social media. So it’s not that people are spending less time consuming media, they’re just doing it from another place now. So if you want to get into marketing that’s where you might be able to get the most results.
  • There are many opportunities out there for you to work from home or as a freelancer. This also means that the world is truly your oyster.
  • For those who learn the ins and outs there is a world of possibilities as this is a new field and is in demand in our ever growing capitalist societies.

The picture seems pretty rosy so far, but like most things in life it’s got some bits that might chafe. You will find them listed below.

  • There is a certain level of uncertainty as there is no set model that everyone has to follow. It is an ever-evolving field and even when it’s static there is no handbook for what everyone else is doing. Mostly it depends on personal preference, but then that might not yield results.
  • It requires you to be a little savvy with technology and the digital world. There can be no excuse about not knowing anything about how social media works and what are the dos and donts.
  • It requires a lot of initiative to learn. There is no certification system as such and so you will need to learn things on your own. If you can find a good mentor that can help.
  • It might feel like a no method to the madness type of situation when one sees how flooded the market is with ‘digital marketers’. And as stated before there is really no certification or course out there that can qualify someone for the job. So what qualifies them? And more importantly what qualifies you for the job? This means that there is a chance for failure since everyone seems to be winging it.

And that brings us to the end. Before leaving though, we want to add something to all this evaluating.

People have different capacities for different things. So do not let anyone else tell you why something will work or not. That’s their experience based on their own strengths and weaknesses. You have got to analyze your own self and come up with your own reasons.

The above given lists have been written objectively stating how things are. Whether those things go for or against you is for you to decide.

Digital marketing is a relatively new field that’s garnering a lot of attention from all sides; those who see opportunity …

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