Why it’s important

Internet of Things is talk of the town with its promising features related to security, networking, and interconnectivity. All these features hold a lot of potential for the future of business and marketing. As a company that deals primarily in these areas, we want to be at the head of innovation.

Development, data processing and circuit building:
Maximizing computer potential for networking

All things IoT are music to our ears.

We are standing at the brink of a world that’s fully connected because of the millions of devices on the face of this planet and internet to connect all of them. This is the kind of connectivity that could only be found in the world of fantasy. We consider ourselves fortunate to be here to witness this marvel take place.

Infinit, however, is not satisfied with just being a witness. We want to participate with the help of our capable team and expertise in development. Nevertheless, it is a work in progress with no certain finish line and so all fruitful partnerships are welcome.

The driving force behind it

With complete connectivity, the main goal is improving the human experience. This means development in all fields; management, business, city planning, health, agriculture and education to name a few. So the driving force behind our exploration ventures is exactly this: contributing to the human experience.

Features of IoT we are most focused on

Unprecedented connectivity

Connectivity is where all possibilities begin with IoT. And this connectivity is not like the computer networks we know of, this means connecting your phone to your coffee machine!

Cloud storage potential

The memory and storage options IoT provides is unlimited. With devices connected to each other, it also means that the data from those devices is accessible and all in one place.

Heterogeneity of functions

The above mentioned feature implies that all kinds of functions and networking are possible. This then further implies that the avenues to be explored are also endless!

Efficiency boosting

Connectivity paired with smart machines results in efficiency of performance. This is where the human experience gets upgraded, which is what drove us to this venture.

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  • Partnering for research

    All progress happens on the basis of research. We value this part of the innovation process and welcome partners to gather information and conduct analyses.

  • Partnering for development

    This is where all the action happens and as long as we’re working towards a mutual goal, we will be happy to work with developers outside of the Infinit team.

  • Partnering for innovation

    At the end of the day, this is what it’s all about; ideas and innovation. If you have an idea you could use some help with, bring it to us and let’s work on it together!

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