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A complete academic setup equipped with all the right tools

Taking into account the current global situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this online learning center seeks to bridge the gap. You can resume your regular academic activities this very week. Our packages are listed below:

Intimate Groups

10-20 students




50-100 students



Upper tier

100-200 students



Top tier

200-500 students


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What our service offers

This is what sets us apart from any other online teaching platform

Hassle-free Setup

Our team will help each student and
teacher understand the platform
and guide them through setup.

No Complicated Installation

There are no complex installation
requirements. Members of an
an institute can easily access their classes.

Complete Technical Support

Should a student or teacher face
an issue at any point, our team
will take care of it immediately.

Live Lecture Broadcast

To ensure the classroom environment
is maintained we offer an efficient
broadcasting service.

File and media sharing

Source material and handouts
for classes can easily be shared by
teachers with their students.

Offline Learning

Course material, shared by teachers
can be downloaded by students
for offline learning later.

Coursework Management

Projects can be assigned, collected,
and returned, just like they would
have been in class.

Thoroughly Equipped Classroom

Teachers and students will have
everything they need to get
back to the classroom!

Learning Platform Tailored to Your Needs

Your wish is our command.


Customized Experience

We, at MDHOV, make sure that all our clients clients get exactly what they signed up face can be resolved on the spot by our team.


Regular Upgrades

To ensure the smooth functioning of the platform and improve the learning/teaching, experience we are always aiming higher.


Custom Plugins

Any additional feature requests you might have can be added with the help of custom plugins. We want you to build your ideal classroom online.


IT Support

Our service is not one where you subscribe and are then left to navigate your way on you own. We will be with you at every step.

MDHOV is at the forefront of the digital revolution. Join us and let’s grow together.

New method of learning and teaching

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All in one place with easy access and full support

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Choose a package based on the number of students.

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Start classes right away and get your routine back!


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