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Create more leads with the right digital marketing

Create more leads with the right digital marketing

65% of businesses consider lead generation to be their main problem

74% companies find conversion of leads to be the biggest challenge.

The above statistics show that lead generation is no small issue. And anyway who are we kidding, if you’re here you already know why it’s important. So let’s dive right in and get to the proven ways that can help you achieve more leads and not just that but conversions from those leads.

Below is a list of 10 strategies we recommend you adopt.

1- Build a relationship

This is the first thing but also the main thing. The rest are all just ways of achieving this.

Building a relationship goes a long way. You are not going to produce one batch of products and then once they’re sold you’re done. You need people to keep coming back. The first way of achieving this is of course through having a kickass product. There’s a way of achieving this through marketing as well.

Content marketing and having a solid social media presence- those are the keys to people’s hearts. More than half the population of this world is online. Make use of this opportunity and make friends. How? The points below will tell you.

2- Be sharable

Make content that can be shared. Don’t just keep making ads in the form of social media posts and blogs. The first step in building a relationship is being useful. So post content that has value other than being a nice ad for your product.

Being sharable also means that you will find access to people who might never have found out about you on their own. Having your name attached to good content and then having that content shared means your name is introduced to all those prospects.

3- Buyer personas

Create buyer personas. This is the most effective way for you to understand your audience’s psyche. This will mean that you can approach them the way they want to be approached. Use the language they speak and make the content you know they will enjoy.

Once you start getting a decent amount of traffic, you can look at the analytics and revisit your buyer persona and then adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. This is a continuous processes and you have got to keep going back and forth.

4- Be smart with email marketing

Rule number one of email marketing: don’t spam your prospects. They will be most likely ‘unsubscribe’ and then never return. That’s the opposite of what you want.

Rule number two of email marketing: give them the option to subscribe. Worse than spamming your subscribers is spamming strangers. So don’t do that. You don’t want them to get to know your name as ‘that annoying company’. Be cool.

Work on your email content, do your research and make a plan to send only a decent number of useful emails to your subscribers.

5- Be there at each step

Again, analytics will help you with this. You can see at what point what percentage of people lost interest or got confused on your website and left. That is where your help needs to be. Design your CTAs and landing pages in a way that guides the readers.

The path should be clear and they shouldn’t feel lost at any point during their journey on your website.

6- Be responsive

Respond to people on social media and respond to emails. One way talking really puts people off. You want them to reach out to you. People are more likely to come back if they were able to have their issues addressed the first time.

It doesn’t just have to be this way with complaints. On social media, if you see someone saying something nice about you or just talking about you, and even sometimes when they are not talking about you but about your area of expertise, it does good to say something back to them.

7- Make use of the influencer trend

While we’re on the topic of social media, it will do us good to talk about influencers. They are called that for a reason. You can get access to their audience and hence more leads (if their audience is also your target audience).

You can have the influencer review your product or come up with a more creative campaign. Through a fun campaign you can even get their audience involved for a little giveaway. This might be your best shot at getting the people’s attention and create leads for your product.

8- Use keywords efficiently

There is such a thing as keyword stuffing. It’s not a good thing. Don’t do it. People can tell. Even the search engines now can tell.

On the other hand, also don’t go around putting keywords inside images so that the search engine can’t read them at all. There is a fine balance. Also, remember to put the keyword in the webpage’s URL.

9- Make your CTAs conspicuous

Make sure they are not getting mixed up with the rest of the text. Also, don’t expect the reader to read the full text of a page before you show them the Call To Action. Make it obvious. It is also not a bad idea to have it somewhere at the top or at a place where it’s obvious and they don’t have to go looking.

10- Free content

Don’t be stingy about content. You are not selling content, you are selling a product/service. The content is what will lead them to your product. So be generous and build relationships any chance you get.

Blogs and other engaging content is your best bet at getting the people hooked and find your audience organically.

So that’s it. These are only some of the ways you can get more leads on your own. And these are the kind of leads that might just come back as well. Don’t just go for getting the numbers up, you want those leads to convert otherwise what’s the point. So find the people who will actually be interested in what you’re offering and then nurture their interests.

Create more leads with the right digital marketing 65% of businesses consider lead generation to be their main problem 74% …

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