Business Aesthetics 101: Offer an Experience to the Buyer

Most of the big businesses around the world are known not just for a product, but also the experience.

It is possible to produce the same kind of product and by those standards businesses might be similar. However, if you set yourself apart because your company offers a different kind of customer experience then you will have added something on top of the product.

This is not just limited to real life stores either. It is also the same with online stores.

Online Store Optimization

Often online stores are not mobile optimized. You have to realize that more than 50% of all internet surfing happens through mobile now. So if your prospect is having issues accessing product images or finding the menu when they visit your website through their cell phone then you just blew your chance. The potential customer will get annoyed and leave.

Why good service on real/online stores matters

You also have to realize that often times the quality of service is seen as being a testament to the quality of product.

This is why when you walk into a 5 star hotel you are immediately greeted. The staff is always polite and accommodating. Whereas customer service at a student hostel will be bearable at best.

If you want to establish yourself as a reliable brand and a quality service then you need to match your customer service and user or visitor experience with that standard.

Move forward in setting up your store with this understanding.

Aspects of a good user experience:

Store Design
This is the job of your creative team. In order to maintain a solid brand identity, make sure that your store interior (on online store interface) is in line with the image you want to create.

Having an interior filled with gothic images if you are focusing on natural beauty products will not do. You need to find your narrative and the personality you want your brand to have and then go on from there.

Product Design and Presentation

It’s the same thing with product design. Starbuckscups, even though they are plain with only the logo on them have become iconic.

Similarly, you may have noticed that make up and skincare brands that promote natural and organic ingredients and minimal make up looks have very minimalistic and simple packaging.

Therefore, the packaging of your products definitely adds a layer to the user experience so be careful about the experience you are offering.

The next part is presentation of those products in the store. This is specific to real life spatial stores. Lush is a cosmetics company that specializes in bath products. Their main appeal is the colourful vibe of the store and the fragrances from those products that a customer encounters right upon entering.

Providing a unique experience like this will only help your brand image and set you apart from competition.

Customer Service

This is the last, but definitely not the least, part of the ‘experience’ your customer will have with you.
In case of online stores and service, having the right systems in place to generate receipts and send prompt confirmation emails and order tracking links will reflect professionalism.

The sooner you follow up, the more ways you provide to the customer to reach you during the order delivery process, the better impression you will make.

Similarly, in a proper store having staff to help the customers so they don’t have to go looking will make your store more welcoming. If a customer has to go find someone to help them, chances are, they won’t go look for a staff member. They will just leave the store to go to another where someone will attend to them.

Therefore, you have to make sure that all aspects of a customer experience with you are well managed. If you make it easy for people to buy from you, chances are they will buy again.

When someone pays for a service, they expect some value and respect in return. And this is what you can use to your advantage too. Use this opportunity to make a solid impression.

In the next section we discuss how you can find your style when it comes to shop design and presentation. If that’s something you’re interested in, keep reading!

Most of the big businesses around the world are known not just for a product, but also the experience. It …

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