Business Aesthetics 101: Finding the Right Shop Design

Now that we have discussed the overall importance of a good store design and the different aspects of it (see previous blog), let’s look into what makes for a good shop design in greater detail.

The first step in deciding a plan is to know what things you are supposed to be looking out for and planning for. To make this part easier for you, we have listed what goes into making for a good shop design.

Let’s take a look.

Floor plan

Floor plan is how the space is designed or set and how the different spaces within your store interact with each other.

Some important tips are listed below:

⦁ The initial space that a person enters when they enter your store is the Decompression zone. It is your threshold, the transition from the outside world into your store. Make sure that your decompression zone is well planned. It should welcome your prospect in to an environment that is in line with the kind of need they want fulfilled.

⦁ Think about where you are leading your customer. Don’t just place things around the store haphazardly. Strategic planning of retail stores means that you bring some method to this madness.

⦁ Usually it is supposed that the customer will go to the right side of the store. This means that they will be moving in anti-clockwise direction. So set your products and line the merchandise where they fit in this journey.

⦁ Place the checkout where the journey will naturally come to a close. Placing it in the middle might make a customer end their time in your store there. If they got what they wanted and there is the check-out counter right in front of them, they will pay and leave. However, if the counter is at the end, on their way to it they might find something else they like and buy an extra item from you.

⦁ Place your most attractive items in strategic positions where they will catch the customer’s eye the most.

Leave room. Don’t put the shelves too close together, restricting aisle space. If people keep bumping into strangers, they are more likely to get flustered and want to leave. Letting them have their own space would mean that they shop in peace and shop for longer.

⦁ There is an element in floor plan design which is called a Speed Bump. This means putting a self of merchandise or products in a part of the space that is reserved for walking. The reason behind creating these speed bumps around the store is that they increase the chance of impulse buying. Make sure, however, that due to these speed bumps you are not compromising on the store aesthetics. They should complement the rest of the interior.

Offer comfortto the customer so they will not be too quick to leave. This offering could manifest in the form of chairs, stools, and small sitting corners.

Decide on a theme

Once you know the different parts of the shop interior that you are supposed to be paying attention to, it is just a matter of deciding on a theme. This can be done with the help of an art or creative director. There are services around that will help you design your store.

Make sure that there is coherence and unity in the overall look of the place. Don’t introduce too many elements or they might clash.

Your logo and brand colours should be clear from looking at your store, though you don’t have to stick to only those. Just staying within that colour palette will be good enough.

Now that we have discussed the overall importance of a good store design and the different aspects of it (see …

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