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Benefits of web services

There are numerous benefits of web services as it plays a very important role in the way web applications function.

Web services can mean a number of things. For starters, this term can simply refer to the services that are offered through the World Wide Web. A more technical definition would be the use of XML and other similar technologies to allow for the operation and interconnectivity of web-based applications. We will be focusing on the latter definition in this article.

Web services do more than just service the operations of individual web pages. They also provide program-program functionality that may be remotely invoked.

Web services offer many benefits over other types of distributed computing architectures.


This is one of the biggest benefits of web services. Web services can be used for a long time once deployed, making them very beneficial in terms of costs involved and value provided in the long term. Developers are especially favored since web services provide them with a non-proprietary means to solve their problems. The programming language or platform used is irrelevant when it comes to the use of web services since they support all types of languages and platforms (due to the standards-based communication channels).


Web services allow users to make use of the business logic of many different systems for their projects allowing the user to choose at will which web service to utilize for specific applications. This has the major benefit of saving time and resources. Any time a new application needs to be catered to, it is only needed to add criteria specific business logic on the client-side and the rest of the job is already done. You are given the freedom to provide services and generate client-side code according to your wishes. This flexibility is a major advantage of using web services.


The reusability aspect is another major advantage of using web services. Even though web services do not provide a component-based model of application development, they do provide the closest thing we can get to the deployment of services without the need for any extra programming. This allows you to use web service components in any application you want without having to rewrite the code. It also allows for the seamless deployment of legacy code as a web service.


The deployment of any service plays a major role in determining its overall effectiveness as a service. Web services are deployed over standard Internet technologies. This allows for remote deployment of web services from one part of the world to another. It is possible to deploy these web services through the internet to another side of the globe and since proven community standards are being used, underlying security (such as SSL) is already available.

There are numerous benefits of web services as it plays a very important role in the way web applications function. …

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