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5 New Ad Strategies for Facebook

With 1.5 billion active users daily, Facebook offers the best platform for marketers to get their money’s worth.

With millions of ads running on one platform it can be intimidating to research their strategies to form your own. To save you some time we’ve shortlisted a few for you which we thought were the most important.

Facebook is always changing things up and marketer’s also keep coming up with better ways of putting the tools to use.

In this piece we want to highlight some of the most useful ways to get your marketing campaign up and running and getting the most conversions.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 things that we think everyone should know and practice in 2019.

Invest in ads

We’re aware this may come across as a no brainer and make us look like Captain Obvious, but hear us out.

Setting a good budget aside for ads will help you in many ways. The first one is the obvious one; that it will help you publicize your product and new people will find out about you. It’s the second one we’re more interested in.

You can boost your content through ads as well now. This goes for all bloggers and influencers out there or anyone who isn’t selling a product. You can show what you have to offer and run ad campaigns over long periods of time without having to do much on a daily basis and increase engagement (if your ad has been designed right). This point is further discussed at the end of the blog.

This is also a very good way to bring back any potential audience/clientele you might have lost over time. It just keeps you in people’s view and accessible.

Find your target audience

To do this, you need some information on your audience. Gather it using data from the people who already like your product/brand. Once you have this data it will help you a lot on Facebook.

There is an option called ‘Ad sets’ on Facebook. You can create these Ad sets based on the audience group you’re hoping to aim for. That’s the other thing-make audience groups. You can create categories of your own.

The New Leads– people who will be seeing you for the first time possibly

Need Convincing- people who know of you and might have browsed your website at some point too but didn’t convert

Followers- those who follow your account on Facebook but are not clients yet

Almost there- these are those who are very likely to buy from you and fall right into your target audience. You just need to be around at the right time for them to make the buy.

Oldie goldies- these people have bought from you. You need them to buy again and they probably will.

Approach these sets with different people and with Facebook Ad sets you can actually do that.

Once you have created an Ad set you will see the option: ‘Audience’. You can add basic information about your target audience here, information like age group, location, gender, language etc. Based on this information it lets you customize your audience.

The biggest benefit of this is that you get shown the people who might be interested in whatever you’re offering without you having to waste resources and your energy on too big a group.

Using the same data you uploaded you can also decide on ‘lookalike audience’. These are users who match your audience data. These are prospects- people very likely to be interested.

In short, if you’ve done your research on your clients’ commonalities, you can very easily figure out where your product’s appeal lies and then adjust your Facebook ads accordingly to make the most out of the resources you’re investing.



C- Calculate

H- Highlight



V- Verify

E- Evaluate

This should be your mantra for each ad campaign, as it is of many other successful marketers.

  • Does it induce the prospects to act? Are your calls to action affective?
  • Calculate ROI it can/should create and figure out what defines ‘return’ for you at that point in your marketing.
  • Will the campaign be able to highlight your objectives?
  • Do you think it is intriguing enough to build people’s interest?
  • Does it encourage the prospect to convert?
  • How will you verify data?
  • What measures will you focus on to evaluate your ad campaign?

If you have all these things sorted then your campaign is good to go and will most likely yield encouraging results.


Facebook and its tools will definitely help you and they are made to attract marketers, but at the end of the day the Facebook market is an alive one. It is ever changing as trends and people’s inclinations change.

The good news is that your ad campaigns are allowed to change with them. There are no set rules. You can also beat the competition by being more observant. Figure out what works and what doesn’t and adapt. You don’t need to wait for someone to tell you what to do.

Content marketing

You can make content marketing your strategy on Facebook. You can work on producing content that engages audience, new and old.

One way of doing that is creating original posts and writing blogs surrounding your products or services. Your ads, instead of focusing on the product and the sell, could lead people to your account or your content, for example a blog.

Another good thing that comes out of this is that you are able to build a relationship with the audience which really does go a long way in a world of a lot of competition.

We hope some of these strategies and tips will give you new ideas about the direction your next Facebook ad campaign should take.

Just remember to explore all your options before setting your mind on the path you want to take. There is every possibility that a cost effective and more efficient method is already out there.

With 1.5 billion active users daily, Facebook offers the best platform for marketers to get their money’s worth. With millions …

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